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It is my love of colour that first brought me to this line of work. Knowing the impact colour can have on your life is so empowering.

It was a bright, coral pink scarf that was my lightbulb moment

I'd been feeling really low after having my second child. I'd moved to a new city, given up my job in Finance to be a full time mum. One day I opened my wardrobe and all I could see was dark, depressing and completely uninspiring. Nothing in my wardrobe spoke to me. Nothing expressed who I was. Did I even know who I was? I went online and bought an inexpensive but bright, coral pink scarf. The moment it arrived I put it on and just felt happier. More like my old self. If one colour could lift me like that, what could it do for others? I read every book about colour psychology and analysis I could get my hands on. Then a course caught my eye. Only it was in London. I lived in Nottingham, I had small kids so I put that dream on hold. Then my family and I moved to Stockholm so I was even further away. But then a global pandemic happened, which sucked, but the course went online so...

I got myself qualified and have never looked back. Living abroad meant I came into contact with a lot of other ex-pat women who were also undergoing a period of transition, living in a new country, a new climate and no longer working - feeling they had lost a sense of themselves. I decided to further my studies and qualified as a Personal Stylist because I wanted to help them feel like the best versions of themselves.

I am a graduate of the prestigious London College of Style, having completed diplomas in Colour Analysis for Creatives in 2019 and Personal Styling for Women in 2020, gaining Distinctions in both.

I absolutely love what I do and can't wait to meet you and get you back on the path of feeling and looking great.

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