I offer a wide range of Styling Services and can adapt and amend them for any specific requirements you may have, just let me know.

Colour Sessions are available to both Men and Women but other services are currently for Women only.

Body Shape


Why does this jacket look awesome on you but terrible on me? Why does she have the confidence to wear shorts but I don’t? What are the best cuts and lengths for you? I am a firm believer that we do not need to change our bodies if our clothes don’t look good. We just need to start wearing the right clothes the right way. Find out how you can dress in a way that flatters your unique shape and proportions and the art of nailing a stylish silhouette. Don’t wait to start feeling better about yourself.

You will receive a bespoke Body Shape Guide listing the best cuts and lengths for your body shape and styling tips and tricks for creating a flattering silhouette.

Style Personality


Who are you and what is your style saying about you?

You will receive a detailed questionnaire regarding your tastes, preferences and lifestyle, the results of which will build the foundations of your personal style. We will then have a meeting to discuss the results. This can sometimes be a difficult process for clients. So many women have periods of their lives where they put others before themselves. If you have lost a sense of yourself this is where we find you again. I will show you how you can dress authentically as the person you are at your core and as the person who you aspire to be in a way that is appropriate for your lifestyle.

A real confidence booster.

You will receive an inspiring Personal Style Look Book with inspirational outfits

Colour Session


Seasonal Analysis

See the transformative power of colour!

Think you can’t wear green? Love every colour as long as it’s black? Here’s the thing: If you so wish, you can wear every colour in the rainbow. You just need to know the right hue for your unique skin tone. By draping different coloured silk scarves around your neck, I will show you whether your skin suits a warm, bright or muted palette, or cool pastels or jewel tones. It is truly transformative. The right colour palette will help you look less tired, healthier and younger without a scrap of make up! Once you know your best colours, shopping for a capsule wardrobe is a breeze as every item in your wardrobe will mix and match effortlessly together. You will make fewer shopping mistakes and look far more put together.

You will receive photos from the session and a handy colour fan or wallet to pop in your handbag whenever you’re out shopping

Colour Psychology

The power of colour is incredible. Intentionally choosing a particular colour over another can affect your mood or performance or even influence those around you. for example, the best colours to wear for public speaking or to job interviews.

How can you use colour to help you today?

You will receive a Mini Guide to Colour Psychology

Seasonal Wardrobe Workout

from £150 depending on amount of clothing/size of wardrobe

Loads of clothes but nothing to wear? Get the streamlined, capsule wardrobe you always wanted. Women typically wear just 20% of the clothing they own. Not only is this a crying shame but it is also a terrible waste. I use my expertise to edit out what doesn't work for your skin tone, your lifestyle, your body shape or your personality. The most sustainable way to enjoy fashion is to wear what you already own so together we will bring life back to forgotten gems hiding at the back of the wardrobe and get your clothes working harder for you. I will create outfits you love, pairing things together you never thought to. It is a thoroughly enjoyable and cathartic experience.

You will receive a Wardrobe Wishlist of any clothing gaps identified, photos from the session, and of course, be left with a wardrobe full of outfits you love.

Personal Shopping

“Amy is the first person with whom shopping wasn’t a drag” N McSherry, Stockholm

Fall in love with shopping all over again with me as your friend and guide. All my Personal Shopping Services will include a pre-shop questionnaire, the results of which I then use to research and plan our shopping trip so that you get the best value for your time and money. Retail regret will become a thing of the past as you will only buy what you really love. In-person shopping advisable during the working week to avoid crowds and make for a more pleasurable experience.

Choose from the following options or contact me with any specific requirements.

Priority Purchase


1 hour (Nottingham only)

Shop with me in your lunch break/after work for a specific item such as a winter coat, an occasion dress or a great pair of jeans where trying on is essential and great advice guaranteed.

Includes a follow up call after 1 week to discuss how you are getting on with the new piece.

Half Day Haul

From £ 260 including refreshments

3 hours Morning or Afternoon (Nottingham or Birmingham)

Very popular with clients following a Wardrobe Workout or Colour Session. Great for when you want a few items, or a Seasonal update.

Includes a follow up call after 1 week to discuss how you are getting on with your new items.

VIP Shopping Day

From £350

4 hours shopping plus lunch break and refreshments* (Nottingham, Birmingham or London)

Make a full day of it. Planned shopping experience in a city of your choosing when you are in need of several items and an expert to hand!

Includes a follow up call 1 week later to discuss how you are getting on with your new clothes.

(* included in price)

Online Shopping

From £90

USA, UAE, Scandinavia or Skegness. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, its all good with me!

Following a questionnaire and online meeting to discuss your needs and wants, I create a Bespoke Look Book for you with easy links to shop.

Once your items arrive, you try them on in the comfort of your own home and we discuss fit, feel, suitability and overall success of the items.

In order to get the very best of your time with me I recommend first booking Body Shape, Style Personality and/or a Colour Session before a Wardrobe Workout or Shopping service.

I offer the following discounts for multiple bookings:

  • 10 % discount if you book 2 Styling Services
  • 15 % discount if you book 3 Styling Services
  • 20 % discount if you book 4 or more Styling Services
  • 10 % discount Seasonal Wardrobe Workout if you have bought any other of my Styling Services.
  • 10 % discount any Shopping Service if you have bought any other of my Styling Services.
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