Wardrobe Workout

“Amy will have you see your wardrobe in a whole new light”
C Kelly, Stockholm

“I had been feeling frustrated with my wardrobe, but now I’m looking at everything with a new set of rose-coloured glasses”
N McSherry, Stockholm

Personal Shopping

“I love the way Amy just casually walks into the store, picks one thing up for me to try and it always turns out to be perfect”
C McNulty, Stockholm

“Amy is the first person with whom shopping wasn’t a drag”
N McSherry, Stockholm

“I really didn’t think there was anything out there for me. But she struck gold!”
C Kelly, Stockholm

Colour Analysis

“I love this colour. I’m getting a ton of compliments”
C McNulty, Stockholm

“I’m never wearing black again”
N McSherry, Stockholm

“You’ve brought colour to my life. I am forever grateful”
F Haaf Moore, Stockholm

Body Shape

“I had no idea how much better it looks if I just tuck in my tops or add a belt”
K Grace, Stockholm

“I’ve learned so much from this. Never looking back”
C McNulty, Stockholm

Style Personality

“I have been trying to be more casual to try to fit in but now I get why it just isn’t me as I’m a Classic through and through. I’m not gonna fight it any more. This is me. Amy nailed it”
C Kelly

“That’s exactly how I want to look but had no idea how to do it all”
L Oshlyansky

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